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Paying fine at a ladies bar in Pattaya.

Bar fine information, to know how to pay them out of them business.

The beer bars and other venues have the girls to entertain you and make you happy when you visit them at the beer bar. If you like one of this Thai girls working at the beer bar and you want she comes with you, you have to pay a fine. We call this a bar fine.

The bar fine is just a compensation for the bar because one of the Thai girls leave the business for that day.

Paying fine at a ladies bar in Pattaya
Normally is the bar fine 300 Baht. If you pay the 300 Baht, the lady is allowed to go with you. it's not guarantee that there will be something happened between you and the working girl !!

Note : The price above can be various from bar entertainment places to other bar complexes in Pattaya.

Some entertainment tips and information.

Pattaya entertainment tips and information More information about the bar fine in Pattaya, Thailand.

When you paid the fine for "your" girl, after what happens is between you and the Thai girl. After paying a bar fine, you and your lovely One can go out to other places in this great city.

A bar fine for a bar girl doesn't mean you have to go to your room. The fine will come back every day for you, when you like the girl, you have to pay on a daily basis.

If you want your girlfriend stops work at the beer bar, ask the boss of the manager of the bar about it, normally you have to pay a standard amount that guaranteed for the girl she always can come back to work at the same place.

Important notice : Prostitution is illegal in Pattaya and in whole Thailand. Sex between adults isn't.

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