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Secrets Thai beer bar girls in Pattaya.

What about the secrets of Thai girls working in a beer bar.

What are the secrets of a bar girl? In this city you have many beer bar workers, freelance workers at a beer bar and also the Thai girls in the massage places will do something else then only a massage.

All with them own rules and secrets. The salaries of the Thai bar girls range between 2.500 and 5.000 Baht a month. Mamasan's, bartenders and cashiers can have also a higher salary as the 5000 Baht above.

Secrets about bar girls Pattaya
Normally the bar girls have 2 day's off a month, if they want more day's off they have to pay the bar fine by them self. Normally is the bar fine for a bar girl 300 Baht, from this 300 Baht is 50 Baht for the girl and the other 250 Baht for the boss of the venue. We talking here about the ladies working in a beer bar, NOT the girls working in a coyote club or a go go bar.

Read here more about the secrets and rules from the coyote bars and the a go go bars in Pattaya, Thailand.

Bar girl secrets.

Pattaya working girls secrets Some more about the Thai secrets and rules in bar venues.

Normally a bar in fun town opens in the afternoon, as example: The ladies have to start at 4 pm, they deal with the tip at this day.

When they come between 4 pm and 5 pm, they will not have tip for this day. When they come after 5 pm, they will be cut 2 Baht for every minute they come to late. Normally when they not be fined for the night, the girls will be in the bar till the last customer (s) leave the entertain place.

In some cases that can be very late and till early in the morning. Working days for the bar girls can be very long, up to 12 to 15 hours a day. Off course they will be happy when a customer bar fined them.

Important notice: The prices and the secrets above can be various from beer bar to beer bar.

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