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Working Thai girl service in Pattaya.

Service of a working Thai bar girl in Pattaya, Thailand.

The beer bars have many of beautiful Thai girls. If you go out and you sit down at a beer bar, the service from one of the girls starts immediately. You order your drink and after you will be invite to a game, as example; four in a row at the bar or a chat and a laugh with the Thai beer bar girl.

If you want and you like the Thai girl you can buy her a drink, it's a lady drink and normally about 30 Baht expensive more then a normal drink.

Working Thai girl service in Pattaya
The service Thai girl earn that 30 Baht and it is not for the boss of the beer bar. It's for her.

Note : The prices about the lady drinks are various from bar to bar.

The service of a Pattaya bar girl.

Service Pattaya bar girl Thai girl service from the Pattaya working girls.

After you have paid the bar fine for the Thai girl, the service is that she will be your company for that evening or night if she want that.

The service of a Thai beer bar girl can be for one hour or for all night. It's between you and the Thai girl. The prices for the service are between 500 Baht and about 3.000 Baht. The Thai beer bar girls are mostly content between 500 and 1.000 Baht.

The nice city Pattaya have many beautiful Thai girls over 18 years of age, who are working with customer from foreigner country's.

Important notice : Some beer bars have underage girls. This girls are not yet 18 years. When you not sure about it, ask the service Thai girl for her ID card.

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